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Chair Events

Chair massage will elevate moods and productivity!

Adding chair massage to your next event is a great way to entertain the crowd! It is the highlight of any gathering. Massage for the work place is increasingly popular among companies here in the Bay Area. Whether its celebrating a company achievement, creating a healthy work environment, or even just showcasing the regular benefits of the work place, adding a chair massage to your event will elevate it to the next level! 



Session times: 10 min/15 min/20 min ( includes 2 min turn over time)

cost: $95 per hour with $50 initial fee 


for reservations please contact me with

  • date/time in mind 

  • potential group size

  • any questions


Sanitation Protocol


During chair events it is common practice to sanitize the massage chair as well as our hands and change the face cradle cover during the 2 min turn around time after each service. Ensuring we're doing the most we can to stop the spread of cold and flu.

    To make a reservation please email me at:     


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